We are a young and creative company and we offer you new flavors.

We are a young and creative company

As Saltica ourselves, our team understands that each vapor has different ideas as the flavours they enjoy, our company offers a vast collection of flavour options.

Founded in 2017, SALTICA has grown to be one of the leading UK brands in the global electronic cigarette industry in just three years. SALTICA has all kinds of electronic cigarette products, such as e-cigarettes and vape kits. We are a wholesaler and retailer company that aims to empower cigarette smokers to switch to vaping and enjoy a healthier and happier life. To achieve this aim, we offer more than 20 premium quality e-liquids across four different ranges.

Our range of e-liquids all with 50% VG and 50% PG in 0mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg strengths. Some of our e-liquids are manufactured by Chemnovatic, an innovative manufacturer of the highest e-liquid materials. SALTICA is not only dedicated to manufacture high quality products but also provide first class customer service, safe in the knowledge that our products are fully notified as required by the TPD. Please click the following links to see our TPD and MSDS certificates.


Started to Operate

Founded in 2017


Certificate of Accreditation


Central England


More than 20 premium quality e-liquids

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TPD and MSDS Certificates

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E-liquid will generally fall into one of these flavour groups

Tobacco, Menthol, Fruits, Sweets or Sweet and Sugar. Once you become more experienced, you will find the perfect flavor to suit your palate.

What is E-liquid?

E-Liquid is the flavoured mixture that is added to your e-cigarette.
Food-grade flavouring
Propylene glycol (PG)
Vegetable glycerine (VG)

PG and VGWhat are PG and VG Ratios?

wo core ingredients used in making e-liquid are PG and VG. Within each bottle of e-liquid 95% of the liquid solution is glycerin/glycol (PG & VG), the remaining 5% is made up of the flavouring and nicotine.

Propylene GlycolWhat is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene Glycol is a clear, flavourless additive that has a similar viscosity to that of water. PG is the ingredient within e-liquid that gives a throat hit and also serves to carry the flavour.

Vegetable GlycerinWhat is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable Glycerin is a much thicker consistency and is made from a vegetable base. Non toxic, Vegetable Glycerin has a sweet taste and is the ingredient within the liquid mixture that’s responsible for producing the vapour itself.

E-Liquid Flavours For Everyone

As Salitca ourselves, our team understands that each vapor has different ideas as the flavours they enjoy, our company offers a vast collection of flavour options.

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